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Family Therapy
Anchorage, Alaska

"There are no individuals in the world, only fragments of families."

- Carl Whitaker.


Chances are, if you're seeking family therapy, things have felt difficult for awhile. When people join forces and create a family they bring their own collective experiences and histories together in the hopes of creating a new functional unit. Most of us don't realize until it's too late, that our unresolved sh*t impacts our parenting and our children significantly. 

Family therapy usually involves discovering, understanding and healing attachment wounds. Whether your family is made up of just two people or 10 people -- healing happens individually and together. We focus on figuring out why your family functions the way that it does, what needs to change and how. 

Your family can work through their pain & develop healthier connections with one another.

Whatever your family looks like - Bring it.

2 Moms. 3 Dads. Single non-binary parent. Grandparent. Together. Divorced. Conventional. Unconventional.

For information about parent-only therapy click here.

For information about teen therapy click here.

For information about individual therapy click here.

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