Change can begin with a BANG or a tiny whimper... either way, you know it's time.

Finding a therapist that's a good fit can be time-consuming & frustrating.

Sometimes, you get a referral from someone. Other times you start with a google search. In the end, you have what what seems like countless websites to sift through. It becomes exhausting and soon you want to procrastinate on this too.


​Every therapist is different & it’s important for you to feel confident in who you choose.

I've been in the other seat, I understand the vulnerability it takes to start this work. 

Your time is valuable - so here is a "snapshot" of important info to help you decide if you want to book.

  • Out of Network provider; Courtesy billing or Superbills offered 

  • Standard rates between $100 - $240

  • Standard session lengths between 30 - 90 minutes

  • Availability: Please note that I currently have a waitlist.

    • Mon-Wed (11:30am - 5:30pm)

    • Thurs (10am - 4:00pm)

    • I do not have sessions on Fridays

  • Specialty is parents, teens and adults with attachment / relationship issues.

  • Talk Therapy & Brainspotting available

  • Your experience begins with a  15-20 minute phone consult

If you're cool with the above & ready to get started - head to my scheduling page!