Who doesn't want to do therapy in their pajamas?

The pandemic has had devastating impacts on our world and I'm so glad therapists have still been able to deliver the same quality services throughout. Most hesitated when Telehealth became the norm but we adapted and realized how amazing it can be. Anxiety and depression have skyrocketed across the board and burn-out is at an all time high -- it's more important than ever to get support. 

Telehealth is therapy done via video services (such as Zoom) or over the phone. If you've never done Telehealth before, there is some adjustment, but for most it only takes a couple of sessions to feel just as comfortable as in-person sessions. A lot have found that they are actually able to process more and deeper in their own space. 

Pros of Telehealth

- No driving / finding parking 

- No taking extra time off work

- Flexible scheduling

- Find a comfy spot + grab a blanket 

- Have your pet join you

- Do therapy on lunch breaks

- Brainspotting works online

- More therapists to choose from