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You, Me, and Therapy

This really is about you, not me.

You want to be content with who you are but so many of us don't really know ourselves. 

You're tired of feeling like you have to constantly distract yourself from your own thoughts, emotions & feelings.

You're exhausted by stressful relationships (including the one with yourself).

You're sick of wanting more but not knowing how to get there. Many of us are raised by "wounded" adults who pass their hurts on. We spend the first 18 years of our life with so much being out of our control. That's a lot of opportunity to get a little lost, a little messed up and a lot exhausted. 

"Didn't all of that just make me stronger?" Children don't need to be strong, they need to be safe; physically and emotionally. It's hard to pin-point our sh*t on any one person or single event because it doesn't work like that; emotional, mental, behavioral, and relational challenges are rooted in millions of tiny moments throughout our lives.

There's no one perfect statement that clarifies what therapy can do for you. Therapists aren't magicians and therapy isn't one-size fits all; ​everyone needs a slightly different approach. It's meant to be collaborative and I want to be your biggest advocate while you navigate a new path.

We'll start by sifting through your baggage (better than TSA does) and we'll discover the roots of challenging behaviors, self-sabotaging thoughts/behaviors and negative core beliefs.

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Click here for
my parent page or here for my family page.

Helping parents find themselves, re-connect with their significant others, learn how to effectively co-parent and connect with their kiddos. 

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Click here for
my teen page.

Helping teens with all the struggles they face including anxiety, depression, school stressors, identity exploration, etc.

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Please click here for my individual page and here for my adult page.

Helping adults heal the trauma/hurt caused by early attachments, dysfunctional upbringings & oppressive systems. 

Single, married, w/kids, child-free, non-binary, female, male, agender -- come as you are.

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I'm Jen (she/they)
(Planter of seeds)

So, why choose me?

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Therapy can be daunting. challenging and weird. 

And not all therapists are created equally. We each have areas where we shine, which is why finding a therapist that is a good fit for you, is so important. I am good at getting clients past the daunting, through the challenging and into the more enjoyable aspects of therapy. Yes, I said enjoyable. 

How? Because I've been fortunate enough to be able to focus on what I am good at and part of that is that I'm a bit weird. Admittedly, I am biased and believe all truly good therapists are at least a little bit weird. It's part of our creative, out-of-the-box way of doing therapy. I get to show up in a super genuine way and that is reflected in the therapeutic relationships that I have with folks. 

All of this helps me in being really good at putting people at ease. You'll figure out quickly that I won't judge your "stuff." 

It also allows me to know when I've made a misstep with a client and need to own my "stuff" and repair. No therapist is perfect; we for sure make mistakes and that sucks but thankfully, for most of us, our mistakes are such that we can come back from them and this process often strengthens our connection with y'all. 

Okay, onto some other info that may help you decide to work with me.

I'm a parent (bio & step), a spouse (I have been through divorce though), and someone's child/sibling/friend, etc. I'm Neurodivergent and a member of the LGBQTIA2+ community. So, because of how statistics work, we've likely got some similarities. Which means I've probably experienced some of the same struggles as you​. And there have been times, where I know how much it sucks to not have answers or good, healthy support. 

I feel like clients tend to come in with a big bucket of puzzle pieces, dump them on the floor and then look to me for some type of guidance on how to even start putting it all together.  I'm particularly fond of watching clients grow as we figure out what to do with these pieces. Part of this is looking at where you've been, where you are now and exploring where you want to go. I always want to see clients have healthy relationships with the people in their lives, whatever that specifically looks like for them. However, I strongly believe that is only possible, if you prioritize the relationship with yourself -- it will be the deepest relationship you have.  Easier said than done, I know. 

I'm what I like to call a realistic optimist. Which means, I will not spew out rainbows, unicorns and toxic positivity but I will absolutely believe in you and what you're capable of even on the days when you can't. I believe you're capable of being content and finding balance. I believe you're capable of having healthy connections. You already have so much of what you're looking for and part of my role is to help you see that yourself. 

Some of my core values as a therapist are informed by: anti-racism and feminism.

Modern​ feminist therapy is not just for women. It seeks to support and address the concerns of all those who have been impacted by systems of oppression. This includes Black/Brown/Indigenous/People of Color, LGBQTIA2+ folks, Neurodivergent people, Disabled people, etc. 

If you feel we may be a good fit, reach out for a free phone consultation.

If you want to read about my background, education, training, etc. Click Here.

What I Do

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Family Therapy

Stop the cycle and heal together.


Our relationships and attachments can be some of the richest aspects of our lives, they can also be the most painful. 

Maybe you feel like you don't know your kid anymore or you're at a loss on how to help them through the phases of their life. You've read all the parenting books and it's just too much. Parents and children don't exist separately and neither should their healing.


Image by Alex Iby


  • Uses HIPPA compliant & secure platform(s)

  • Includes video and phone sessions

  • See Telehealth page for more information.

Individual Therapy

Connect. Explore. Grow.

There are many reasons why we seek out therapy. Often, we're going through a difficult season in life that we're struggling to navigate. 

Whether you feel crushed by anxiety, weighed down by depression or can't seem to get away from toxic relationships --  you deserve a safe space to process, explore and grow. 

Adolescents: 13-17

Adults: 18+


Image by Tyler Nix

Parent Therapy

Re-connect & Strengthen Your Foundation

Becoming a parent puts significant strain on your sense of self and your ability to have relationships with others -- no matter how prepared you were. 

For those who have lost sight of themselves. Who feel disconnected from their partner. Who can't seem to figure out a parenting style that works and struggle with making parenting decisions  -- parent therapy is a great way to find support, work through your own unresolved childhood "stuff" and re-connect. 



  • Can be incorporated into individual, family or couples therapy.

  • Used to resolve trauma, manage anxiety & depression, enhance performance, etc.

  • See Brainspotting page for more information.

Whatever is going on, I'm here to help.

(Some Of) The Things I Help Clients Explore:




Body Image




Family Dynamics





Disordered Eating

Suicidal Thoughts





I am located in Southside Anchorage.

I'll be real.

The pandemic spoiled me with regard to working from home.  So, I decided I wasn't going to go back to a traditional office setup. Luckily, the layout of my home allows my private practice to be situated apart from my living spaces (aka clients don't cross paths with my family members nor can my family overhear sessions).

Perks of therapy in a home office:

  • Private office with a client bathroom - neither of which "clinical"

  • Client entrance & private waiting room

  • Convenient location (Southside Anchorage)

  • Quiet, safe neighborhood

  • Ample free parking

  • Size inclusive furniture 

  • Changes in lighting and temperature can be made to suit client needs

  • Full control over scheduling allowing for time in between client sessions (so you won't be waiting with or bumping into other clients).

If you would like pics of my office as it is currently setup before our intake appointment, you are welcome to text me and ask! A lot of neurodivergent folks find it helpful to be prepared ahead of time with images of what the space looks like.

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