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Work with Me

Change can begin with a BANG or a tiny whimper... either way, you know it's time.

Finding a therapist that's a good fit can be time-consuming & frustrating.

Sometimes, you get a referral from someone. Other times you start with a google search.

In the end, struggling with just making choices is part of why you're looking for a therapist

in the first place. It becomes exhausting and the idea of putting it off becomes appealing once again.


​Every therapist is different & it’s important for you to feel confident in who you choose.

I've been in the other seat, I understand the vulnerability it takes to start this work. ​

Paved road with the words "you got this" written in white chalk

Here is a "snapshot" of important info to help you decide.

  • Out of network provider; courtesy billing & superbills offered

  • Standard hourly rate: $220 (range is between $120 - $280)

  • Standard session length: 60 minutes (range is between 30-120)

  • Availability: Please note that I currently have a waitlist

    • Mon & Wed: 11am - 6pm

    • Tues & Thurs: 11am - 4:30pm

    • do not have sessions Fri-Sun

  • Specialties include working with parents/couples, neurodivergent folks, lgbqtia2+ folks, and teens around trauma, and attachment/relational issues. 

  • I utilize a mix of talk therapy, internal family systems (parts work), and brainspotting

  • We'll start with a 15-20 minute phone consult and go from there!

Individual Therapy

Adolescents & Adults

Family & Couples



Parents / Co-Parents

Neurodivergent Folks


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