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I am located in Southside Anchorage.

I'll be real.

The pandemic spoiled me with regard to working from home.  So, I decided I wasn't going to go back to a traditional office setup. Luckily, the layout of my home allows my private practice to be situated apart from my living spaces (aka clients don't cross paths with my family members nor can my family overhear sessions).

Perks of therapy in a home office:

  • Private office with a client bathroom

  • Client entrance & private waiting room

  • Convenient location (Southside Anchorage)

  • Quiet, safe neighborhood

  • Ample free parking

  • Size inclusive furniture 

  • Changes in lighting and temperature can be made to suit client needs

  • Full control over scheduling allowing for time in between client sessions (so you won't be waiting with or bumping into other clients).


If you would like pics of my office as it is currently setup before our intake appointment, you are welcome to text me and ask! A lot of neurodivergent folks find it helpful to be prepared ahead of time with images of what the space looks like.

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