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Specialty Populations

Neurodivergent Folks

The irony of me saving this section until last and then procrastinating on actually getting it done... is not lost on me. 

I am a millenial AuDHDer, I feel like that's all I need to say to cover what info should go into both of these categories.

May my hyper-focus lead me back here some day so that I can put down much grander words.

In the meantime, check out the app Goblin Tools (it's free online and $0.99 through app stores). Strong recommend for our kind -- don't look at the to do list feature and exit out -- I promise it's worth it to explore the other features, they are simply marvelous.

**I am not an affiliate -- I do not get any compensation for recommending them.**


I'm queer.

And if you're looking at this, you probably are too. 

It's a mission to create a safe space for those in our community.

I am also happy to give recommendations for the other awesome queer-affirming therapists in our community.

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