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Choose You. Find Calm.

Courageously learn to connect with yourself and others through curiosity, compassion, and creativity.

Meet Amelia
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Hi, I'm Jen.

Millenial Therapist.

I help people get unstuck and become more present in their lives by understanding their inner world and their outer relationships. Through this work you'll be guided in learning to manage anxiety, depression, burn-out, relationship stress and more.

As an experienced psychotherapist, I spend most of my time helping folks explore their attachment wounds, relational difficulties, emotional discomfort and just feeling lost in life. 

In-person appointments located in Anchorage, Alaska; telehealth appointments provided statewide.

People don't tend to seek out therapy when things are going well. They do it when they're at a breaking point, overwhelmed and feeling like they have nothing left to give.

If you feel like your emotions take on a life of their own and it's a constant battle to quiet down the negative self-talk, I get it. I've been there and I know it's exhausting. The never-ending-ness of it all just takes up 

so much space. 

"I will never feel better."

"I'm so tired I could cry."

"I have lost my mind."

"I hate this sh*t."

"I'm not good enough" 

So many of us cycle through these thoughts. While we're at work. While we shower. When we're trying to fall asleep. When we're hanging out with friends. When we're playing with our kids. Or when we're trying to ponder for the 100th time whether or not we should go no contact with certain family members because we're so damn tired of getting into it with them.

We hear, "it could be worse," or "you've just got to stay positive." We've repeatedly gotten the message that we're just too much. Too loud, too quiet, too anxious, too fat, too skinny, too emotional... that we just need to somehow be less.

We tell ourselves that we should be better. That our life is fine so we should be fine.

We don't really know ourselves and we're so disconnected. 

If you can relate. Reach out. 
Healing Hurts is my

When we're wounded, we take it out on ourselves and others, which leads to a lot of dysfunction and emotional pain.

​We collect our hurts and get trapped in cycles we don't know how to break. We blame, shut down during hard conversations, and are burnt-out because we can't figure it out. 

We resist change because it's scary.

We're hard-wired this way because staying

the same is familiar and familiar is "safe." 

So, here you are. You don't want to be here; yet you don't know how not to be here. We get stuck due to unresolved trauma, shame, lack of support, social norms that don't

make sense for us, and so much more.

Maybe you hold an identity that society

has deemed "disordered."

Perhaps parenting has become a nightmare

as you watch yourself parent in the ways you

swore you never would. 

You're unsure if this relationship is the right relationship.

You've contemplated leaving your job 1,000 times.

Whatever the case. If you've found your way to me... what's going on for you is probably my jam.​

Nothing changes,

if nothing changes.

Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations.

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Individual Therapy

I do one-on-one psychotherapy with adolescents 14-17 and adults 18+.

Family & Couples Therapy

I do psychotherapy with couples (relationship work, parenting, and co-parenting). I will  occasionally do family work with existing clients; this service is adapted to fit the needs of all involved.


I work with folks from all walks of life but the majority of my clients are LGBQT+ and Neurodivergent.

I work to cater your therapy to you & your needs, I most often end up utilizing frameworks and techniques from internal family systems and brainspotting.

Discovery Call
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is for everyone.



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