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Relationship Therapy

Learn to Connect with Yourself & Have Healthy Connections with Others.

Are the relationships in your life causing stress, anxiety or burnout? (Or maybe your relationships aren't the problem but you're struggling all the same).

You're not alone.

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Hi, I'm Jen. 
Millennial Therapist.

I help clients get unstuck and become more present in their lives by working through anxiety, depression, relationship stress, and trauma. 

I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in attachment, relational difficulties, emotional discomfort and stress.

In my experience, people don't tend to seek out therapy when things are going fantastically well. They do it when they're at their breaking point, completely overwhelmed and feeling like they have nothing left to give. 

If you feel like your emotions live a life of their own and that it's a constant battle to quiet down the negative self-talk, I get it. I've been there and I know it's exhausting. The anxiety, the anger, the never-ending-ness of it all just takes up so much space. 

"I don't think I'll ever feel better." 

"I'm so tired, but I can't sleep."

"I'm probably just crazy."

"I'm not good enough."

We are plagued with these thoughts. While we work. While we we shower. When we're trying to get to sleep. When we're trying to enjoy hanging out with friends. When playing with our kids. Or as we ponder the best way to go about ghosting our entire family because we're tired of getting into it with them. 

We hear, "eh, it could be worse," or "you just have to try and think positive." We've repeatedly gotten the message that we're just too much. Too loud, too quiet, too anxious, too fat, too skinny, too emotional, etc. 

We tell ourselves that we should be better. That our life is fine so we should be fine. We don't really know ourselves and we're disconnected. 

If you relate to any of the above, reach out.  
Helping to Heal Hurts is my Passion.
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Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations.

Here's the deal. When we're wounded, we take it out on others (or ourselves). Usually, it's unintentional but it leads to a lot of dysfunction and pain. 

We collect our hurts and get trapped in vicious cycles we don't know how to break. We criticize ourselves mercilessly, we yell at our kids, shut down during hard conversations with partners, and we burnt-out because we can't figure it out. 

We're good at not changing. Because it's scary. Our brains are hard-wired to dislike change (because, in the past, it may have meant danger or because often enough it's an uncomfortable psychological experience). And since we aren't good at predicting outcomes, when change is on the horizon, we get anxious, avoidant, hostile, etc. 

So, you're in this place. You don't want to be here. But you don't know how to not be here. There is so much that keeps us in these places. Unresolved trauma, shame, lack of support, following social norms that don't make sense for us, believing the lies we tell ourselves and more. So, let's work to understand and conquer that sh*t, resolve old wounds and get stuff figured out.

If you're an adult and you've realized that being an adult is BS, let's talk. If you're someone whose identity is labeled as wrong in our society and you just want affirming support -- I've got your back. 

If you're a parent and you're struggling with your kids, your partner(s) or with co-parenting, I want to help you repair and create healthy connections. 

If you're worried about your teen and aren't sure how to help them, that's my jam. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Therapy (usually) involves:​​
  - An initial intake session where I learn more about you & we start to establish your goals. 
    - 60 minute sessions, weekly or biweekly
    - Discovering patterns and blindspots. 
    - Exploring, processing & letting go of the past.
    - Learning new or different life/coping skills.

In the end, you'll:​​​
   - Have healthier relationships.
     - Understand yourself better.
     - Be attuned with your emotions and feelings. 
     - Know your self-worth.
     - Be able to set and respect boundaries. 
     - Be confident in the decisions you make.
     - Be your own best advocate.

The next step is the easiest part, 
you've got this

There are 3 ways to get a hold of me:

1. Email me at 

2. Contact me at 907 865 8452 (text is preferred & you'll typically get a quicker response, but you're welcome to call)

3. Go to my Scheduling page

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is for everyone.



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