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Individual Therapy

in Alaska

This is your time to shine.

There are a variety of different therapy techniques, but the most important aspect is the therapeutic relationship. Without it, therapy and its tips and tricks don't work all that well. Often times, the therapeutic relationship is one of the first genuinely healthy and authentic relationship people have. It's meant to be a safe space for you to share all the "parts" of you that you can't share with others. 


Whatever reason led you to therapy, it's the right one.

I see teens trying to navigate it all.

I see those in their mid-20's who've lost their zest for adulthood because paying bills blows.

I see those who are full swing with careers and kids who joke about burn-out and then cry about it later. 

I even see those heading into their golden years and trying to figure out what that means for them.


Come as you are and we'll figure it out. 

If you're skeptical about starting therapy, you don't have much to lose (the time is going to pass by anyway and chances are the money will be spent on something) but a lot to gain. Most of us were not given the skills to handle many of the stressors we experience. We just kind of "wing it" and hope for the best.

So, if you feel like you aren't handling life as well as you'd like...

If you feel like the relationships in your life are mediocre at best and toxic at worst... 

If you feel like you're carrying around a ton of baggage you can't let go of...

These are the things we navigate in therapy. 

To learn about individual therapy for teens click here.

To learn about individual therapy for adults click here.

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